SALTWATER COMBINATION - Halibut & Salmon Fishing

Our combination fishing days are cut into two halves, five hours each. Depending on the tides, our guests either head out from the lodge for Salmon in the morning, then back for Halibut after brunch/lunch or visa versa. It makes for a prolific and most often "fish box-filled" day.

Our unique location, right on the beach, gives us quick access to some of Alaska's best saltwater fishing grounds. Every Kenai and Kasilof King, runs right past the lodge, en route to the spawning grounds. Additionally, we fish for Halibut in relatively shallow water (avg. 60-90 feet) and within 2-4 miles of lodge.


We begin fishing for Kings in May. These "Spring Kings" are plentiful with thousands swimming past the Lodge on their way back North to spawn. In late June, we're in pursuit of the "Trophy King Salmon". Big bucks often take over thirty minutes to land. It's an impressive sight to see these massive fish thrashing and splashing next to the boat. The Lodge record is an astounding 84 pounds. Now that's a Trophy King!


Late July heralds the return of the "Sporty" Silvers. Thousands upon thousands run past the Lodge. Fishing for these "Silver Bullets" can be fast and furious with several hookups at the same time. They have a soft mouth and lively jump - a real challenge to land.


Unlike many parts of Alaska, we are able to catch huge Halibut in relatively shallow water. We have over 100 holes marked on our GPS Maps spanning an area of about 80 square miles and we fish depths of 40 - 180 feet. We find the Halibut wherever they are located, throughout the season. We also have all the required professional gear to safely place any size Halibut in the box. It seems everyone wants to join the "Century Club" with his own Trophy Halibut over 100 pounds. Each year that dream is realized, as we harvest a number of "Barn Doors" well over the 100 pound mark. The Lodge record is a whopping 350 pounds!